Why We Ski

Why do you ski?  Inspired by this video shared from onthesnow.com

we decided to ask people who ski Brundage, what draws them to the slopes.   Here are a few of those answers.



Micheal- “The people.  The local ski community takes skiing from an activity to something much more”.


Margaret- “It is fun! Clean lines and fresh tracks”.


Roger- “Freedom of skiing “Raven” snow through the trees”.


Chuck-  “Exercise.  I have lived here for 21 years and it is the only reason to live in the mountains through the Winter”.


Dan and Glenn-  “The mountains and the freedom.  It is just you and your snowboard.  Never Summer!”


Scott-  “It is a primal instinct to conquer the mountain.”


Mark-  “First time skiing in Idaho.  It is just fun”.


Pete-  “It is why we live here just to enjoy being on the mountain”.


John-  “The speed and the wind rushing by.  Skiing faster than you probably should be and the risk of it”.


Steve-  “The adventure in the trees.  It is a great environment and is absolutely beautiful”.


Me- “There is nothing better than the ultimate freedom that the mountain allows.  Pure bliss!”

Why do you ski?  We invite you to ponder and reply.




  1. Wayne says

    Every day is new, the potential for joy only limited by your sense of adventure and willingness to push your own personal boundaries. The ability to play with gravity, that one constant force to which we all must succumb, is for those fleeting moments, ours to modify and bend to our will.

    • April says

      Thanks, Gary! We’ve been collecting suggestions from our visitors for several years and our team worked hard to incorporate as many as possible. We’re so glad to hear you like the results! Think snow :)

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