The Powder Panacea

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February 23, 2013 by

022313105Some people say laughter is the best medicine.

But any ski bum will tell you there’s nothing in the world that will cure as many ills as a well-timed powder day.

Boy, did we get one today! Eight inches of fresh, fluffy snow fell overnight, on top of yesterday’s five inches.

It seemed almost too good to be true when the sunshine defied the forecast by showing up and adding to our good fortune.

From the looks of the lift line this morning, a good number of people were overdue for some powder therapy.


The BlueBird maze was half-full by 9:15, and overflowing by the time first chair took off at 9:30.

022313116People were stoked to get their first shot at the slopes – and with good reason!

022313125The first few runs of the day were unbelievable. Fluffy, forgiving hero snow.

022313124And deeper than you might expect considering the snow totals.



The back-lit slopes provided a surreal backdrop for our guests to indulge their powder passions.


It didn’t take long for the hoots and hollers to break out, with squeals of delight audible from the chairlifts. A little like laughter, I suppose, but rooted even more deeply in the core.


022313115Nothing quite compares to restorative power of fresh tracks.


022313121But even well-shared slopes provided an antidote to our troubles.

022313119The spirits, instantly lifted. Troubling thoughts, erased.


There wasn’t a place on the mountain where the elixir failed to work.

022313103The sun seemed even brighter on Lakeview, and the powder just as powerful.







Frontside, backside, there was plenty of this good medicine to go around.


The groomed runs sat ignored for much of the morning.

022313113Except as a route to the next powder stash.


There was no part of the mountain immune to this magic.

022313102The next generation of powder fanatics was getting in deep on the Bear Chair.

022313100A sure sign that the healing power of powder will be touching lives, long after this snow  is gone.

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– April