Instant Gratification

Brundage Snow Blog
February 22, 2013 by

02-22-13It didn’t take much to coax the powder hounds out of hiding after a long stretch with scant snowfall.

Three to four inches fell across the mountain overnight, and while that’s an inch short of triggering one of our ‘powder alerts’, our loyal powder lovers clearly got the message on their own.

We had more than 50 people lined up early for first chair, a site we haven’t seen in weeks.

And it didn’t take long for our legs and our spirits to recall the sensation of floating on a bed of fluff.


Even with a mere four inches, we tracked down some nice powdery pitches this morning.



Many went straight for the runs groomed last night and kicked up some of the white love coating the smooth slopes underneath.




It may not be the deepest powder day ever (or even the deepest one this week, as you can see in the forecast and in the satellite image below)…


But it was enough to bring back our powder beards, coat our curls with frosting…022213107…and provide the instant gratification that had been delayed far too long.


Here’s hoping for an even bigger, better one tomorrow!

– April