Lower the Pressure, Raise the Spirits

Brundage Snow Blog
February 19, 2013 by

February has photodaybeen a sunny groomer skiing month.

Don’t misunderstand me, any skiing is good skiing.   But after a long spell with no new snow, the call for adventure – in soft snow between the trees – is a loud one.

The high pressure ridge that got stuck over the Central Idaho Mountains brought us many days of sunshine and put us in a freeze/thaw cycle.

This made for some leisurely cruising on the groomed runs.  But has left off-trail skiing variable, and in some spots technical.

Now, the high pressure ridge has broken, allowing a low pressure trough to enter the area.  With this comes new snow and soaring spirits.  Two inches of new snow fell last night and that has already rekindled the fire.  With more storms expected to push into the area through the weekend, the skiing passion will be fully ablaze.  Check out the upcoming forecast for the rest of the week.

Here is a little of what we found out there today.





The groomed runs had a blanket of soft, fluffy snow coating the surface.



And made for some very enjoyable skiing conditions.


Even off-trail conditions have changed for the better.


So keep those snow dances going and let’s get fired up.