A Day in the Life (A Ski's Perspective)

Brundage Snow Blog
February 12, 2013 by

A ski lives an interesting life.

A slave to the foot, yet exists completely free.

Slipping, sliding, carving and free falling is just another day (a very good day).

At first glance it is a simple thing; wood, plastic and metal, glued and squished together.

But upon closer inspection, the complexities of emotions, feelings and thoughts that a ski summons from ones inner self, allows it to transcend physical materials into something much, much more.

Here is a perspective on how your skis interpret the day and how it is possible for them to be more than a piece of equipment or a tool, but an instrument of pure joy and ecstasy.


The day starts in the locker room awaiting the use of my potential.

The time has come…freedom from the chains of the indoor environment.

The approach.

The ascent.

Aww, the summit.

Excuse me while I powder my face.

Thank you my king.

“KEEP TIPS UP”- Good advice!

All good days must come to an end.

Here I wait: for tomorrow brings another adventure and more good unforgettable memories.