Reach for the Sky

We’re just days away from one of our biggest family weekends of the year, and we know a lot of you are curious what’s been happening in our terrain parks.

For now, the “Big Easy” park on Easy Street is on hold.

We’ve been focusing our efforts on creating new features for our visitors to try in the Rodeo park.

But if you’re not a super-advanced rider, don’t worry, we’ve got four really great ‘introductory’ features in the Bear park to warm up on.

The Bear park is easy to spot as you get off the Bear Chair.

It features smaller hits to help riders get comfortable with terrain features and get a feel for the ‘flow’ of a park.

The first feature is a tube that you can slide.

Or use to catch some air.

After that comes a rail feature.

And a chance to get creative on this…

As you make your way toward another tube.

The Bear park is not very steep, so you can definitely build your skills here without a big intimidation factor.

Once you’re comfortable at that level, we’ve got a wider variety of features over on Rodeo.

The first hit is a rail.

Followed by two kicker:

Then comes the Brundage Bonk.

And The Rainbow.

There are a few fun side-hits toward the bottom of Upper Rodeo.

And the top of Lower Rodeo.

Lower Rodeo also has a pair or rollers, followed by another kicker.

We’re expecting a lot of energetic riders to hit the park this weekend, so we invite you to review the SmartStyle Code and come reach for the sky.

– April


  1. Sam Sandmire says


    We (my son, Trevor Hattabaugh & my husband & me) are coming up for your USASA slopestyle competition that you are hosting this coming Sunday. Thanks so much for hosting this event. It looks like it will take place on Rodeo. Just a few questions:

    1. Will Rodeo be open Saturday for skiers to train? Or will it be closed for another (snowboard?) competition?

    2. How big will the jumps be? It’s difficult to tell from the photos. Some other SVSEF (Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation) skiers are trying to decide whether to come or not and they would like to know.

    3. I have been told we should just register the day of, so that is what we are planning to do unless we hear otherwise.

    4. Barring a major weather event, will the contest run no matter what? We don’t want to make the trip unless we are sure it will take place.

    Thanks so much,
    Sam Sandmire

    • says

      Hi Sam –

      Rodeo will be open to the public on Saturday, no events are scheduled so anyone is welcome to use the park that day. We would love to see the competitors out there scouting the course!

      The jumps are roughly the same size as last year. I think some of the competitors from SV were here, hopefully they can help describe the size in terms that make sense to the team.

      Yes, you can register the morning of the event in the main lodge. (3rd floor).

      Brundage would not cancel the event, barring a major weather event, but you may want to contact the ISSA Idaho Snow Sports Association to get some information from them. They handle the registration and actually ‘put on’ the competition, so they may have some additional insight to share:

      I hope that helps answer your questions!


  2. Sam Sandmire says

    The jumps look a lot smaller than last year. So I talked to some kids/coaches who have skied the Rodeo Park & they confirmed that. They say the jumps are tiny & the transitions aren’t as smooth as last year. Any chance of taking some snow from the rollers to make the kickers bigger? Otherwise, I don’t think kids will be able to do much more than a 540 off them. So I’m not sure how many kids will come. I don’t mean to sound negative. Just giving feedback on the park. Thanks for hosting an event.

    • Cory Whitney says

      Hi Sam,

      The jumps were built a little smaller, but they were rebuilt last night with bigger lips and transitions in preparation for the competition. Also, there are a few new rail features that were put out this week. Things are progressing well and our park staff has the competition in mind with the building of the park.


  3. Sam Sandmire says

    How big are the jumps? Are they still even smaller than last year? Because they were pretty small last year. Did they fix the big holes in the transitions? Are the angles correct? Do they have long, steep outruns for safe landings? It is so important to have professionals who are experienced in building terrain parks do the work. Jumps that are built incorrectly are unsafe. I am sorry to be so inquisitive, but I have heard that the park is not nearly as good as previous years. I am not posting this on Facebook because I do not want to criticize anyone publicly. But I have heard such negative things and I am wondering if the issues have been corrected.

    • says

      Hi Sam –
      As Cory said, the jumps have been rebuilt since last weekend with a specific eye toward this competition. Whether they are up to your standards is something I obviously can’t guarantee. We invite you to come up anytime (today, tomorrow, Saturday) to check them out and spread the word as you see fit.

  4. Sam Sandmire says

    Thanks so much. I appreciate it. I apologize if I sounded demanding. Just wanted to have as much info as possible. Building a park is such a difficult task. That’s probably why there are only a few companies who build all of the great parks. We are fortunate to have Planet Snow right here in Boise. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I have seen their work & would recommend them to anyone. Contracting them out may be an efficient use of your resources in the future. We look forward to the event & will spread the word. Thanks for all of the updates. I really appreciate that!

    • says

      Hi Sam –
      I understand you’re just trying to get more information and support the event. Our challenge is that it’s hard to classify these things. One person’s ‘good’ can be another’s ‘not good enough’. We see that every single day with our snow reporting and the terrain features are even more difficult to describe.

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