Reach for the Sky

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February 11, 2013 by

We’re just days away from one of our biggest family weekends of the year, and we know a lot of you are curious what’s been happening in our terrain parks.

For now, the “Big Easy” park on Easy Street is on hold.

We’ve been focusing our efforts on creating new features for our visitors to try in the Rodeo park.

But if you’re not a super-advanced rider, don’t worry, we’ve got four really great ‘introductory’ features in the Bear park to warm up on.

The Bear park is easy to spot as you get off the Bear Chair.

It features smaller hits to help riders get comfortable with terrain features and get a feel for the ‘flow’ of a park.

The first feature is a tube that you can slide.

Or use to catch some air.

After that comes a rail feature.

And a chance to get creative on this…

As you make your way toward another tube.

The Bear park is not very steep, so you can definitely build your skills here without a big intimidation factor.

Once you’re comfortable at that level, we’ve got a wider variety of features over on Rodeo.

The first hit is a rail.

Followed by two kicker:

Then comes the Brundage Bonk.

And The Rainbow.

There are a few fun side-hits toward the bottom of Upper Rodeo.

And the top of Lower Rodeo.

Lower Rodeo also has a pair or rollers, followed by another kicker.

We’re expecting a lot of energetic riders to hit the park this weekend, so we invite you to review the SmartStyle Code and come reach for the sky.

– April