Not Just Scratching the Surface

Brundage Snow Blog
February 8, 2013 by

I’ve really got to hand it to our grooming crews this week.

Aside from a skiff here and a trace there, it’s been nine days since we’ve had fresh snow.

But you would never know it from the slope conditions.

Through some stroke of genius, luck or magic, our groomed runs are in amazing shape. Not just better-than-you’d expect shape, but actually super-smooth and REALLY carvable.

Fast in places, but VERY forgiving.

Our snow reporting team talks a lot about the benefits of ‘cold overnight temperatures’ and how that allows the snow to be reconditioned each night without being compacted into a hard, icy plate. There’s definitely a science to good grooming.

But when you get right down to it, that’s only half the story.

There’s also an art to GREAT grooming.

Our grooming crews do an excellent job of reading the slope and weather conditions then blading, re-grading and tilling the runs into top shape.

Their skill, dedication and artistry are really showing right now.

The weekend forecast inspires confidence that these strokes of magic will continue. Look at those overnight lows:

And as you sink in your edges in and arc a wide, carvalicious turn this weekend…

…don’t forget the guys who literally stay up all night to bring us these beautiful works of art.

– April