2013-2014 Season Passes On Sale Now

Purchase your 2013-14 Winter Season pass by April 30 and you can save up to $150. This purchase also allows you to ski or ride the rest of THIS season for $99 or less

A full breakdown of prices and deadlines can be found here.

Anyone who purchases a 2013/2014 season pass during the early sales event can ski or ride the rest of this season for $99 or less. If you are purchasing a family pass, the entire family can ski the rest of this season for $99.

Act now, 2013/2014 season passes reach their full-price rate on May 1.



  1. Mark says

    You have got to be kinding. You are going to charge 99.00 for the rest of the season. This is why I Dont get a season pass. Also my frends also dont get a season any more.

    • says

      Hi Mark –
      We understand not everyone visits quite often enough to justify the expense of a season pass. Please understand that we have a lot of season pass holders who visit between 10-100 days a year, and for them, this is a tremendous value. For those who do not visit that often, we’ve created the Select Card multi-day products. Depending on how many days you plan to visit, that option can bring your price per day down from $57 to as low as $48 for adults. http://www.brundage.com/passes-tickets/select-cards/

      You can purchase those here at the mountain, on-line and at a number of our partners in the Boise and Lewiston areas: http://www.brundage.com/passes-tickets/select-cards/select-card-retailers/

      In recent years, we’ve also been doing some pre-season Select Card sales that bring the daily price down as low as $33 per visit. We encourage repeat visitors to sign up for our e-alerts to make sure they don’t miss that opportunity. You can follow this link and then select the option for ‘Hot Deals’ https://www.facebook.com/BrundageMountainResort/app_141428856257

  2. Greg says

    I have to agree with Mark. You say a price freeze but you have to pay 99.00 for the rest of this year. I had a pass for this year but will not be getting another one next year. Just like the 2nd Sundays used to be now it cost 25 dollars to bring a friend. I can’t get anyone to go there on a Sunday because they want to ski the weekend and they will not pay full price for Saturday with a weenie break on the 2nd Sunday. When I used to be able to bring them for free on the 2nd sunday they would also go Saturday. I understand it is all about money and trust me, Saturday we would spend 100+ dollars in the lodge for food and drinks.

    Another point, you need to rethink your select cards and allow them to be used more than one punch per day like another nearby resort. This year and last I purchased a youth one for my daughter and being that age, if she can’t get a friend to go then she does not want to go, if I could use that for more than 1 punch it would be more inviting but after eating 3 punches last year and probably 2-3 this year I can no longer justify it. Good luck in the future…..

    • says

      Hi Greg –
      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I want to make sure we’re being clear about how this works. If you have a season pass for this year, you do not need to pay $99 for the rest of this spring. That is covered (Bonus Weekends included) on your 2012/13 season pass.

      The $99 add on charge is just for people who do not currently have a 2012-13 pass and want to ski the rest of this Spring without purchasing daily lift tickets. Their 2013-14 purchase gives them access to the $99 deal. (It’s only $49 for Seniors).

      We will take your other suggestions into consideration. Please note that our Second Sunday offers change from month to month. We do allow season pass holders to bring a friend for free on April 14th: http://www.brundage.com/13714/second-sunday-7/.

  3. pam says

    One of the things I really hate about Brundage is you have to buy next years pass before the season is even over. Why not just have the pass dates March to March? A much better solution would be to have until June 1st before the price goes up. At least that way you would feel like you completed the season before you’re just part of the revenue machine again.

    • says

      Hi Pam – thanks for taking the time to write in with your thoughts. Of course, we do offer the option of purchasing passes in summer and fall (and into next Winter), so no one ‘has to’ buy it before the season is over. We do find most of our season pass holders appreciate the special pricing offer and the $200 savings. The timing may not be your first choice, but it’s certainly not the only choice. A surprising number of people choose to pay $519 and make their purchase later.

  4. Greg says


    Thanks for the response. I do understand it would not affect someone with a current pass for the spring special. Also thanks for considering the suggesttions.

  5. Amber warren says

    Thanks brundage for offering great prices and awesome service all season long. Compared to skiing in other parts if the country, skiing at your resort is special, and not just because of the snow, but because the lower prices allow many people to ski that otherwise might not be able to, and the hospitality allows everyone to enjoy it. Keep doing what you do!

    • says

      Hi Amber –
      Thanks so much for taking the time to write in with your kind thoughts. We work hard to give our guests a special experience and it’s very gratifying when those efforts are appreciated! I will pass along your compliments to our staff.

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