The Bubble Has Popped!

Brundage Snow Blog
January 24, 2013 by

The high pressure system that’s been delivering a relentless string of clear, sunny days got blown out of our area last night. (Good riddance!)

We were fortunate enough to get five inches of fresh snow, and it looks like we’ve got a shot at several more inches from tomorrow afternoon through the end of the weekend.

Today’s snow laid down a smooth blanket with a whipped-cream consistency.

We found some pretty sweet turns in the glades and open slopes.

Creamy-dreamy and sometimes boot-deep.

Unfortunately, it completely slipped my mind to snap any pictures of the groomed runs. You’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you they were ego-strokingly smooth.

In an effort to be thorough (read: obsessive), I checked several different sources to see exactly how much snow might be headed our way. (You can find links to a few of the more reliable forecasts toward the bottom of our snow report page.)

The agreement is pretty good: 7-15 inches or 8-16 inches total by Sunday night. What’s even better? It looks like temperatures are about to take a dive starting Friday night, which means instead of a blanket of boot-deep creamy, dreamy…

…we might get a full feather bed of fluff.

Here’s to hoping…

– April