Everything In Its Place (Please)

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January 5, 2013 by

You may have noticed a few new signs in and around the parking lots this season.

It’s part of a new Yellow Snow Awareness campaign that we’re asking all of our visitors (canines, and their humans) to support.

As the owner of the two of the world’s most lovable, intelligent (ahem) dogs,  it can be hard to imagine that not everyone enjoys their company as much as I do.

The fact is, we’ve had several complaints about unleashed dogs showing up as uninvited guests at tailgate barbeques.

It can be tough to resist a spread like this – especially when no one is watching.

That is one of the primary reasons we’re asking all dogs to make sure their humans keep them on a leash.

Our other request is that companion humans clean up after their dogs and make sure they are using designated areas for breaks.

There is now a signed Pet Area on the far edge of the lower parking lot, as well as the end of the upper parking lot.

We’ve designated these areas for pets in order to keep the areas close to the lodge and our slopes free of contaminants.

These areas are hubs for snowplay and family time, and we want our families to be able to enjoy this space without worrying about the perils of mixing small children and yellow (or brown!) snow.

As I toured the upper and lower parking lots this afternoon, I found FAR more examples of secured pets than non-secured pets. And just as we find on the slopes, there’s no ONE TECHNIQUE for everyone.

Berta was going ‘Old School’ in the lower lot. Dog – connected to leash – connected to human.

These two golden examples were using the buddy system. One leash around the other – connected to the trailer hitch.

Otto’s owners have their upper parking lot system all dialed in. They park right next to the Pet Area.

Handsome hound – connected to a longer chain – connected to the trailer hitch.

I was impressed by this hands-free set up, because it allows Otto’s humans to enjoy their tailgating treats without Otto dictating their every move.

We truly appreciate the humans who are taking steps to control their dogs and clean up after them.

And, believe me, we know how much fun it is to bring your canine companions here to play in the snow.

Baylee & Angus, Best Dogs Ever

We just ask that you remember that not ALL of our visitors are as excited to spend time with your dogs as you might be. So please, keep them on a leash, in designated areas, and make a solid effort to clean up after them.

Or, like many of the dog owners I met today, you could always leave them at home. Imagine how excited they’ll be to see you when you get back!

– April