A Sunny Perspective

The first day of the New Year usually brings hope and renewal to people’s lives.

A chance to leave small, unwanted pieces behind and adopt healthy change.

Here is my new perspective;  I love skiing powder.  Pretty simple, right? Who doesn’t?

Working in the ski industry has allowed me to ski more un-tracked lines than I probably deserve; it is what I love.

The days and weeks that produce no new snow sometimes get me down.  Not anymore.  From now on, I am looking at things from a different, more sunny perspective.  Skiing is amazing, in any condition, any terrain, any weather.  It’s with this fresh perspective that I share some of the more beautiful things I found around the mountain today.







See you all on the sunny slopes!



  1. Trevor says

    Hey April I am coming to Brundage tomorrow and I was just wondering if any of your terrain parks are up yet, your page for them says the one on bear should be?
    Thank you

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