It's Nice to Go Out on Top

Brundage Snow Blog
December 31, 2012 by

As 2012 comes to an official close, we begin to take inventory of where we are and how far we’ve come.

It’s a time when many of us tally up our successes and failures, our blessings and regrets.

As a person who likes to think of skiing as a metaphor for life, I can honestly say, this year, it’s especially nice to go out on top.

No matter what else may be going on in the world, we were able to rise above the fog today and feel the sun’s warming rays.

I plan to use my first ascent today as a reminder; even when you’re in the darker shady part of life, there are always bright spots.

And before too long, the darker spots fade into the background of a wider, brighter view.

That doesn’t mean we won’t travel back into the shadows.

And sometimes struggle to stay on track.

More often than not, we’re able to find our way out of the shadows.

To appreciate how far we’ve climbed.

To re-focus on the beautiful parts of life.

To celebrate the high points with those who’ve shared our path.

And to look toward the horizon, hoping for smooth sailing in the year ahead.

Happy New Year!

– April