Just Like Heaven

Brundage Snow Blog
December 27, 2012 by

We spend a lot of time talking about fresh snow and slope conditions in this blog.

As much as we enjoy soft powder and neatly pressed corduroy, the sensation of skiing or riding isn’t the only enjoyable thing about a trip to the mountains.

That became crystal clear this morning as the sun came up and began to trickle light down on our slopes.

Our natural assets sparkled in the distance as the clouds cracked open and revealed the blue sky beyond.

The first few runs afforded the chance for a solo dance with the snow ghosts.

The morning sun insisted on cutting in for a few measures to mix up the tempo.

As we looked back at the tracks we’d left behind…

…and the runs that stretched out in front of us…

We took solace, connecting with nature as our edges sliced in to something that felt just like heaven.

– April