Satisfaction Survey

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December 23, 2012 by

What does it mean to be truly satisfied?

It can be hard to verbalize, but I’m pretty sure I felt it today as I glided down the powder-laden slopes with some good friends.

The forgiving, effortless powder cradled  our every turn. Our breath started to quicken, not because the descent was a struggle, but because our adrenaline surged with excitement as gravity took over.

Today was the kind of day we’d been longing for ever since the lifts shut down last Spring.

The four inches of snow that fell yesterday afternoon had an etch-a-sketch effect, smoothing out all the tracks that had been left behind.

That meant the next four inches that fell overnight gave us just the kind of buffer we’d been craving.

A feather pillow to absorb our every move.

(Or at least the impact of our not-so-brilliant ones).

Officially, Satisfaction (n.) can mean several things:

1. the act of satisfying or state of being satisfied

2. the fulfillment of a desire

3. the pleasure obtained from such fulfillment

Hmmm. Pleasure….

Yep, that’s the one.

See you next time ~

– April