Two Thumbs Up for Fresh Snow!

Snow has been falling all day and the slopes are getting softer by the hour.

I’ve heard a lot of “Wow!” and “Sweet!” and “Awesome!” exclamations pouring out of our guests as they sashay down our smooth, forgiving slopes today.

We’ve had three inches of fresh snow in the last 24 hours, and we’re optimistic that more snow will bring us an especially white Christmas.

Here’s a look at the snow forecast:

Tonight: 1-3″

Sunday: 1-3″

Sunday Night: 3-7″

Monday: 2-4″

The satellite image is sporting some of our favorite colors:

Here are a few snapshots from the slopes this morning. You can click on any photo below to view a larger image.

As you do so, be sure to ‘picture yourself here’. Then, make plans to actually BE here.

See you soon!

- April

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