Consider this….

With the holidays approaching and everyone frantically trying to nail down plans for this season’s festivities,  consider this: tons and tons of snow piling up on the slopes, beautiful corduroy, amazing powder.

Turkey and ham can wait, but sweet powder lines wait for no one.  Here is a brief taste of what is out there for your holiday travel enjoyment.





So put the cookies and eggnog on hold…for now…and get in line at the all-you-can-ski Brundage Buffet.

See you soon-



  1. David from MN says

    You got to stop with the outstanding reports too. I am just shaking trying to drink my coffee this morning. “powder lines wait for no one” I cannot wait!

    • says

      Hi Ryan – Those were actually Cory’s terrific pictures. I’ll be sure to pass along your compliments and we’ll look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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