Keep It Coming…

Snow continues to pile up here at Brundage Mountain. We’ve had another six inches fall since last night and our coverage is looking excellent.

The fresh snow buffed out the tracks on the slopes and turns were especially nice on north-facing pitches where extra snow had drifted in.

The powder was a bit more dense than usual thanks to some fiesty early morning winds. Still, we’ve had easily-accessed fresh lines four out of four days this season.

My somewhat-sore legs found a welcome reprieve from that wind-affected snow on the groomed runs today, which were soft, velvety, champagne corduroy.

We had some aggressive winds come in with this storm, as you can see from the snow drifts on the summit.But we also saw some breaks in the storm, allowing for rare glimpses like these:

It’s pretty unusual to have this much snow on the mountain…

…and still have an unfrozen Payette Lake sparkling blue down below.

But those peek-a-boo views were short-lived.

After less than an hour, the snow moved back in, dumping another inch in our snowbox and wiping the slate clean for more fresh turns.

– April


  1. Nate says

    Just wanted to share, that I always really enjoy reading your snow blog. It’s a nice narrative, and also a helpful and descriptive way to see what’s happening on the mountain. Kudos to the writer(s) and staff.

  2. Pierce says

    Hey April!! Im so excited for my first day of the season. I’ve been skiing since I was 2 and a half and snowboarding for the past 4 years (This being my 5th). Im coming up this weekend then heading back to Clarkston, WA for Christmas then back down for 6 DAYS OF SKIING!!! Great reviews can’t wait to see you lovely people at Brundage.

  3. willwork2board says

    Looking forward to this week…Finally have the time to play in the snow! I would like to know how much snowboard lessons cost for my 7 yr. old daughter. I believe she wants to give it a try this year…

  4. IamAwesome says

    Only 3 more days till I can enjoy this awesomeness!
    Hopefully it keeps piling up and then we can go make the
    First video of the year. Haha ! See you soon

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