Get Stoked! Winter 12-13 Preview

We didn’t gain too much snow in the base area over the holiday weekend, but we DID get a nice blanket up on top. Now, as we eye this weekend’s forecast (obsessively?), we can’t help but relive some of our favorite moments from last season.

Check them out:

Then, check out this forecast, and dance, dance, DANCE!

– April


  1. Wayne says


    Come on winter!

    Thanks for the teaser April! Can’t wait to see all my favorite peeps and ski the best snow in Idaho!

  2. "stupid boi" adventurer says

    Rain is forecast DAY & NIGHT for Bogus all the way through Sunday.
    Hope our forecast is more “spot on”.

  3. Dr. Snow says

    oh my!!!! goin nuts for snow. thanks for the updates! do you by chance know what run the skier was on that did the back flip?

    • says

      Hi Dr. Snow! I believe he was out near Sargeants for that one. They also went out a Cat Ski trip, so it could very well be farther out in the backcountry. (Or is it ‘backflip’country?)

  4. David Allan says

    Dreams of flying off cornices for Winter. Then the snow melts and flows down the Payette, and Summer dreamin’ of cranking turns and cutbacks with my board on “Kelly’s Wave” in Cascade…surfin’ with trout.
    That was some crazy-good skiing on your video!

    • says

      Hi Jules –
      Anyone who purchases an all-mountain ticket this weekend will get a coupon for $15 off a future visit. We will also be offering an Easy Street only ticket for $15. Tickets will be regular price. We expect the skiing to be fantastic, especially after this last 6″ of fresh snow.

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