No Friends on Powder Days?

Brundage Snow Blog
February 26, 2009 by

mepowdersmileI’ve always heard (and partially supported) the concept of ‘no friends on powder days’.

I mean, who wants to stand around waiting for someone to get their act together when there’s a pristine powder field waiting below? Worse yet, what if your so-called friend steals the line you’ve been dreaming about for weeks?

But lately, I’ve rearranged my thinking on this topic. Maybe it’s because I’m lucky enough to have friends that…well… ‘rip’. Maybe it’s because at a place like Brundage Mountain, there’s so much good powder available that you actually CAN share.


See these guys? They’re both scoping out sweet lines. No elbows  necessary.


The “friendly rivalry” between skiers and snowboarders doesn’t seem as heated when there’s plenty of room for turns of all shapes and sizes.


Besides, this day would not have been nearly as enjoyable without having pals around to share the smiles and giggles produced by our mutual feast of riches.


Sure, I’ve been accused of being a ‘powder pig’ and would even wear that label as a badge of honor, at times.

After all, I AM A GIRL, which makes it even harder to convince worthy powder pals that you will not be a burden… That you CAN ‘keep up’…


That you might even surprise them every once in a while.


So while I’ve softened up my ‘no friends’ stance when the slopes turn soft and dreamy, I can’t say I’m a total convert.

Can you come ride with us, you ask? Um. Sorry. We might have to take a triple chair and there are already three in our group…

So, I guess the issue of ‘no friends on powder days’ isn’t so black and white, after all.   — April