Light Up the Night III

We kicked it off during our 50th season, but it’s so much fun, we’ve decided to make it an annual holiday event!

The Light Up the Night lineup features a slopeside fireworks show, torchlight parade, pray for snow bonfire, and a sit-down dinner on the third floor. Smoky’s Bar & Grill will also be open late.

The festivities and fireworks are free, and there will be plenty of standing room to watch the light show in the base area and on outdoor balconies.

Feel free to bring a lawn chair if you’d like to relax during the light show and please dress for winter mountain weather conditions!

The Pray for Snow Bonfire in the parking lot will feature a beer garden and will start at 4:30 pm.

Please feel free to bring your own contribution to the bonfire. We do ask that any items you contribute do not contain metal, plastics or other petroleum-based materials. We encourage you to strip the lights and decorations off your Christmas tree and add it to our conflagration!

The Torchlight Parade begins at 5:30, with the slopeside Fireworks Show blasting off right after the torches reach the base area.

Space in the Torchlight Parade is limited to 60 people. Participants must be able to ski confidently without poles while holding a long piece of bamboo. Please wear fire-resistant clothing. You can reserve your spot in the Torchlight Parade by e-mailing Seth Jacobsen

Dinner Options:

Smoky’s Bar & Grill will be open late with a special menu for this event.

The 3rd floor will be reserved for those attending the sit down dinner, which is now sold out.

Only those who have pre-purchased tickets will be allowed into the third floor area, which will be cleared at 4:30 pm and will re-open at 5:00 pm. The dinner will begin immediately after the fireworks show.

The Kid’s Center will be open late for Light Up the Night:

Hours: 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Cost: $30.00 per child
Details:  Supervised outdoor viewing of the torchlight parade and fireworks followed by a spaghetti dinner.  Kids will also enjoy completing a craft project and relaxing with a movie and popcorn.  Ages: 6 weeks to 12 years old. Reservations required. 208-634-4151, ext. 128.





  1. jon oka says

    ON light up the night we will be celebrating my wifes 40th birthday on dec 29th looking for information on where to stay and any deals. Also looking for accomidations for up to 10 people. Need Info best places to stay. Thanks Jon oka

  2. Brad says

    I’m REALLY glad to see this on a Saturday between Holidays. Glad to see the timimg worked out. Seems I recall the last one was on a Thursday

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