Celebrate Family Day

Purchase one full-day adult lift ticket and the rest of the family skis for free.

Family members must be of one household (legally married or single parents and their dependent children).

Please note: If you hold a current Brundage Season pass but your children are not season pass holders, we invite you to bring them for free for this event.


    • says

      Hi David – Thanks for taking the time to write in with your question. Parents who have current season passes can also bring their own children for free. Be sure to accompany your kids to the ticket office so they can get through the process smoothly. Thanks!

  1. Cami Dean says

    Does the family deal include rental equipment for the rest of the family? Or is it just the lift ticket they get? Thanks!

  2. Dorette Schaal says

    Love the idea of a family ski day, and think it is a very generous of Brundage to make that available. Too bad it is on Easter Sunday. :(

  3. Lizzie says

    Do you need a marriage certificate for Family Day? My Spouse and I have different last names but same address on our drivers licenses. Don’t want to make a trip all the way to Brundage just to find out we don’t qualify.

    • says

      Hi Lizzie –
      No problem. We understand a lot of married couples have different last names, no need to bring your marriage license. See you Sunday!

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