2013/14 Early Bird Season Pass Sale Begins

Enjoy the best price of the year on 2013/2014 Season Passes and SKI THE REST OF THIS SEASON FOR $99 or less.

Purchase of your 2013/14 season pass also allows you to ski the remainder of the 2012/13 season at the following rates:

Adults 18-69 – $99. (Includes Bogus Basin and First-timer Adult Passes)

Seniors (70+) – $49

Family Pass – The whole family skis the remainder of the current season for just $99!

Juniors, Youth and children (17 and under), eligible college students and qualified military can ski the rest of the current season for FREE with the purchase of their 2013/14 Winter Season pass.

UPDATE: 2013/2014 Winter Season Pass pricing has now been finalized. You can view the price schedule here.


  1. Diane Janzen says

    ;. How much does it cost for a an adult x2 or for a family of 2 to ski the rest of 2012-13 and also the following season of 2013-14? Trying to figure out best options for my son and his wife. We always have season passes. It seemed like it used to be one price for finishing the current season & also getting the next season pass too.

    Let me know. Diane

    • says

      Hi Diane –
      We haven’t finalized our pricing yet on next year’s passes (13-14), but using last year’s pass price an an example: It was $319 during the early sale which starts President’s Day. To also ski this spring, that would be an additional $99 per person. So that would come to $418 plus tax for each of them to ski a season and a half. (Once again, that $319 was last year’s price, we haven’t set that for 13-14 yet but would expect it to be somewhat comparable).

      In the past we did offer the ‘spring for free’ with purchase of the next year’s pass. We also used to put that pass on sale March 1. Now that those passes go on sale in mid-February and include Presidents Day Weekend, there is much more value in the ‘rest of the season’, thus the $99 add-on. As you can see, the spring price is just $49 for Juniors and Seniors and there is no additional cost for youth and children.

  2. PAT HUNT says

    When the spring passes go on sale what is the charge for “over 80” and is the pass good for the following year too??

    • says

      Hi Pat –
      We are working to finalize the pricing right now and hope to have that announced in the next couple weeks. You will be able to purchase a 2013/14 Senior Pass on February 15, 2013. That pass is for the following year. If you don’t have a 2012/13 (this season) pass, you can opt to pay an extra $49 to add on the rest of this season (meaning February 15, 2013 through the end of our last bonus weekend) to next year’s pass. I hope that helps answer your question. We’ll share the 2013/14 Season pass prices as soon as we get them finalized.

  3. Josh says

    So if I wait until after president’s day weekend to get next years pass is the remainder of this year going to be included? that is one reason I get a pass every other year, the spring made it worth it, as little as I drive up there if I’m going to be dinged for the end of this year it isn’t worth getting the pass. I maybe go up there 4-5 times a year last year went twice and had the pass

    • Cory Whitney says

      Hi Josh –
      The rest of the season will not be included with next year’s pass purchase, but it will be deeply discounted as of February 15. If you purchased an adult pass right now (12/13) it would be $519 plus tax. Once you purchase your 13/14 season pass (prices coming soon), you can purchase the remainder of this season at a discounted price of $99 for adults or $49 for Seniors. If you don’t visit quite enough to get the value of the discounted spring pass, you may want to consider a select card. We have those available in 5- 4- and 3-visit increments (The more you buy, the more you save per visit) it sounds like that may be a better fit for your skiing habits.

  4. Nicole says

    I think that adding a fee for the rest of this year is not a good way to build a fan base and loyal customers. Many people look forward to the President’s day pass sale (for the rest of this year and next) and most of them will spend more money once they come on the hill (day care, food, beverages, lessons). For most of us, when spring hits in the valley (march? for sure april) our minds are off skiing and onto biking and hiking. So most aren’t going to use their “pass” for much longer anyways (even if the resort is open until May). If you want to keep your popularity and good will with customers, keep the traditional President’s day pass sale that includes the spring of this year!

    • says

      Hi Nicole –
      Thank you for taking the time to write in and share your perspective. We do factor in our visitor’s feedback when making decisions on pricing and programs. Ultimately, it is our goal to give the most value to the most loyal customers. This year, we’ve frozen prices on all season passes, (with the exception of the Junior Pass, which we’ve actually lowered by $70). Our most loyal customers, who purchase a season pass every year, would not incur the $99 fee for President’s Weekend and the additional two months of skiing that is included in that. We understand that not everyone’s skiing habits make a season pass the best value for them, and we’ve created several additional ways to save, like the Mid-Week Club Card and the Select Card. Many of our visitors have found those products to fit their schedules better and, ultimately, provide them more value than a Season Pass purchase. If you are willing to give us more information on the number of people in your family and your travel plans, we will happily help you identify the best way for you to save while visiting Brundage.

  5. says

    Hi Everyone –
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