Enjoy More INDOOR Space During Your Outdoor Adventures

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October 10, 2012 by

A More Spacious Lodge is just one of the improvements you’ll enjoy during your next visit to Brundage Mountain.

This year, we’re adding 1,000 square feet of heated indoor space to the third floor of the lodge. The changes will add a significant amount of seating space and ease congestion in the 3rd floor cafeteria.

This expansion comes just one season after a major remodel of the second floor of the lodge, which created 100 additional seats and transformed Smoky’s Bar & Grill into a full-service restaurant with sit-down table service for adults in one area and all ages in another.

The combined changes are also improving traffic flow to the restrooms and creating options for even more improvements in the future.

A More Accurate Snowfall Picture

We’re enhancing our webcam system to provide you with more overnight snowfall data than ever before. We’re replicating our popular base-area ‘snow cam’ with a second one at the summit, so you can see every inch of snowfall for yourself.

We’re also partnering with the professionals at www.snowforecast.com to give us a pin-point forecast tailored especially for Brundage Mountain’s location and unique geographical features.

And, we’re launching our own mobile app to put all of that information (and more) right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. Stay tuned for more details!

A More Meaningful Connection

Here at Brundage Mountain, our guests mean everything to us. We’re working hard to find new ways to connect with you and make sure your voices are heard. This season, you’ve got an amazing opportunity to learn about our past AND to help shape our future.

Learn About our Past: Brundage Mountain is proud to announce the release of a new history book: Brundage Mountain: The Best Snow in Idaho written by Idaho author, Eve Chandler. The book traces the colorful history of skiing in McCall with hundreds of vibrant photographs and heart-warming stories.

Perfect as a holiday gift, you can purchase the book on-line here.

Help Shape our Future: Last season, we launched a new program to connect with our guests and now we want to make sure no one is slipping through the cracks.

Our mountain ambassadors approached hundreds of guests to ask them for their e-mail address so they could take a short survey once they returned home.

We want you to know that we’ve read every single survey and taken your comments and suggestions to heart. This year, we’re adding even more ambassadors to help us reach more of our visitors. Just look for the friendly folks in the yellow jackets and they’d be happy to sign you up. We want to hear from you!