Behind the Scenes: The Secret Spaces 'In Between'

Brundage Mountain’s trail map doesn’t list all of the names of runs and off-trail ski areas inside the boundary. Employees have created a long list of unofficial names to describe these spaces ‘in between’.

Ski Patrollers, charged with rescuing people within the perimeter of the ski area, have an especially descriptive list of names for the places that visitors wander into and get into trouble.

For instance, “Stupid Boy Creek” is located between 45th Parallel and Temptation and was named by a couple of volunteer patrollers.

One out-of-state skier who got stuck in “Stupid Boy Creek” declared, “Boy, was that appropriately named.”

“Smoked Salmon” is the glade below the Cat Track, adjacent to Temptation, and if skiers and boarders do not traverse over to Temptation in time, they get stuck in “Stupid Boy Creek.” The name “Smoked Salmon” came from smelling a burning slash pile when they logged the area. “You could smell the smoke all season,” said patroller Jimmy Bryan.

The difficulty of the terrain in the Hidden Valley area has led the patrollers to name runs: Terminator, Preparation H, Backbreaker Rocks, North and South Nozzle, and Richard Noggins Nob.

Skier Brandon Becker can often be found exploring the more extreme terrain features in Hidden Valley.

Several paid and volunteer patrollers have been heard to say, “I can’t stand going out on the Goat Trail.”

All of these places you won’t find on the trail map  are part of the living, breathing history of Brundage Mountain.

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  1. Chuck Locuson says

    Appreciate the blog. Can anyone tell me where the “Mexico” area is located. I’ve frequently heard snippets of conversations re. Mexico, and I’ve probably skied it and didn’t know it. Help? Thanks in advance.


    • says

      Hi Chuck –
      For better or worse, what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico, and if we told everyone on the blog where it is, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore! (Best advice: befriend a local on your next visit. Most of them can be ‘befriended’ with a pitcher of beer in Smoky’s). Good luck!

  2. jrdo410 says

    my favorite is the “old 86er” in the trees if you drop in between NW and Hidden. Its a jump hidden between two tree, pretty big drop and a big lip. Lot of fun if you know what’s coming, terrifying if you don’t! I think its called the 86er because if you don’t know its there and hit it, your body will look something like when two bouncers are 86ing you from the bar.

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