How Brundage Mountain Got Its Name

So how did Brundage Mountain get its name? We’ve heard several different theories over the years, and we are now putting the debate to rest once and for all.

The origin of the Brundage Mountain name is just one of the stories you’ll find in a new book, Brundage Mountain: The Best Snow in Idaho. It chronicles the early history of skiing in McCall through dozens of historical interviews and hundreds of vibrant photos.

Now, back to the original question. Here’s how Brundage Mountain REALLY got its name:

Winfield Scott Brundage was an Idaho sheep man who lived at Little Willow Creek, in the late 1800s. He sought the ideal mountain meadows for grazing his sheep in the summer.  One summer Brundage planned to summer his sheep at Rock Flats, but was beaten to the prime location by another sheep man with his herd.

An old prospector, Wilsie Wilson, met Brundage with his band of sheep.  Wilson told Brundage of a path through a log jam that led him onto the mountain. For several summers Brundage grazed his sheep on this mountain, until the land was designated as a reserve. Since Winfield Scott Brundage was the first man to graze his sheep on this mountain, it became known as Brundage Mountain.

So how did this grazing land become a ski resort? Be among the first to find out at our book release party on Saturday, October 6, at Shore Lodge, from 4-7 pm.

In Boise the release party is on Tuesday, October 9, at the Idaho Historical Museum at noon. Author Eve Chandler will be available to sign books at both events.

Those who can’t attend can purchase the book online here.





  1. Deborah Brundage says

    My husband is a Robin Brundage and my sons are Scott and Rob. They tease a lot about the Brundage hammer head nose and this picture pretty much shows a man with that nose!
    I find that interesting. This Brundage family is from the New York-Connecticut area.

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