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July 11, 2012 by

Who doesn’t want to be cool? And if you’re already cool, I’ll just bet you could stand to be a little bit cooler. Those words are equally true whether you’re talking about beating the summer heat or being, well, awesome.

Either way, you can accomplish some very cool things simply by visiting Brundage Mountain this summer. It may come as no surprise that temperatures are cooler on the mountain than in the valleys, but it’s easy to overlook JUST HOW MUCH COOLER.

Take a look at Friday’s forecast. We’re expecting a high of 79 at mid-mountain. That’s 10 degrees cooler than the forecast temperature in McCall. It’s nearly 20 degrees cooler than the forecast for the Treasure Valley.

Now that is cool.

If you plan to hit the trails on a mountain bike, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of the wind-chill factor. In the winter, we often think of that as a negative. But with this summer heat wave, a few degrees of added cooling is a benefit.

I know a lot of people get intimidated by the idea of biking down a ski hill, but rising to a new challenge always makes me feel cool.

And check out what this recent visitor had to say about his experience on Trip Advisor:

“Lift-assisted Perfection!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 6, 2012 NEW

We were visiting for a weekend, and I only had half an hour, so I drove up on the weekend before Independence Day and asked which trail would be best. I am not a real aggressive rider and my bike is for cross-country, so they suggested Elk Trail. The ride up was gorgeous, and I was a little hesitant since my only other experience on lift-assisted rides was not real good. I was immediately rewarded with some beautiful singletrack through alpine forest that swooped back and forth across the mountain. The perfect combination of rock, mud, curves, trees, water, bridges, and even a patch of snow!

Even if you’re not planning to mountain bike when you visit, even a hike around the top of the mountain can make you cooler. That’s a scientific fact. A new study shows that experiencing awesome things can make you more awesome.

Read the article here.

We admit, not everyone will find the view from the top of Brundage Mountain quite as breathtaking as standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon. But we’re pretty inspired by the 360-degree panorama which includes sweeping views of the Salmon River Mountains, the Payette Lakes, the Seven Devils, the Wallowas and Meadows and Long Valleys.

Come check it out Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am – 5 pm. Judge for yourself whether it’s awesome enough to make you more awesome.

We’re pretty confident it’s cool enough to make you, well, cooler.

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