Settle Down Now – Our Four-Cross Course is Looking Solid

Brundage Snow Blog
June 15, 2012 by

As we move closer to the kick off of our summer mountain biking season, we can’t help but get excited by the condition of our new four-cross course.

We originally crafted the course last Spring. But like all freshly-cut bike trails, the surface was soft and powdery during its first season of use.

Now that the course has had time to settle in and compact under the winter snowpack, we’re even more confident that it will provide new thrills for our visitors.

Four-cross is like boardercross for bikes. The idea is that up to four bikers could charge this course at the same time. It features a wider riding surface and some smooth bank turns, for starters. It also includes some rollers and table-top-type features.

The four-cross course is technically at the bottom of  the Hidden Valley trail (Black Diamond), but can also be accessed without too much trouble via Elk Trail.

We don’t recommend the four-cross for beginner riders, but there are some options to skip some of the harder features, so it’s not as technically difficult as the top part of Hidden Valley.

The staff at the Bike Shop would be happy to answer your questions and help you find the best way to access the trail.

We also have some brand new bikes in our rental fleet that could make it even more fun to play around in this new playground. You can check out the new gear here.

Now that it’s had a year to settle in, we think you’ll find the four-cross course provides a solid riding experience – and an irresistible challenge.

– April