SATURDAY, April 21 is Closing Day

Several inches of new snow this week will put a fresh topping on the slopes for our final day of the 2011/2012 ski season.

We received 3-6 inches of fresh snow across the mountain early this week and we’re proud to offer the longest spring season in Southern Idaho.

The snow base currently ranges from approximately 60” to 100”, thanks in part to the 69” of snow that fell during the month of March.

“Our slopes still look terrific and coverage is impressive,” said resort spokesperson, April Russell. “We’re proud to offer the longest spring season in Southern Idaho.”

Brundage Mountain plans to run 3 of 5 chairlifts, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. 1,340 of the mountain’s 1,500 acres will be open Saturday.

Partly sunny skies are forecast for Saturday. Unseasonably warm temperatures are expected Saturday night and there’s a chance of rain on Sunday, so we are no longer planning to operate on Sunday, April 22.

Food and Beverage service will be available in the Main Lodge and in Smoky’s Bar & Grill. The mid-mountain Bear’s Den will be closed.

The Brundage Mountain Snowsports school will offer lessons. Reservations are highly recommended for the Brundage Bears Childrens program and Brundage Mountain Day Care services.

Keeping with tradition, visitors are invited to meet at the main lodge at 1:00 pm Saturday, April 21 to be part of the resort’s commemorative “Closing Day” group photograph.

The end of the ski season also marks the final weeks of Brundage Mountain’s Early Season Pass Sale. Visitors can save up to $150 if they purchase their 2012/13 Winter Season Pass by April 30th. Purchase on-line here.


  1. Wayne says

    Well, thanks for a great season guys! Sure appreciate the extension… Guess I’ll need to hike for my turns the following weekend… any chance we can get RC to tow us up the hill behind a big shiny cat the next weekend?;-)

  2. Greg says

    Not sure which weather you based the decision on. NWS says 41 and cloudy Sat night and 20% chance of rain Sunday?

    • says

      Hi Greg –
      The latest forecast is for partly sunny Saturday and 20% chance of rain on Sunday. Generally speaking, we have twice the visitors on Saturdays as Sundays, so that was also a factor.

  3. Mike says

    with all of that snow, how come you guys won’t be giving it a run at one more weekend? I saw the forecast for next week and the end of the week calls for cold temps and snow up there.

  4. Tim says

    Been a great season even with the late start.BMR is holding up better than most but this is the time to end it. According to the NWS at 8:37 AM,there will be NO below freezing temps on the mountain day or night until MONDAY. It’s not so much how warm it gets this time of year during the day… is always nice if it drops below freezing even for a little bit at night to set up the on piste runs. Thanks April and Cory for your excellent writing during the season !!

    • says

      Hi Mike –
      Thanks for taking the time to write in with your question. It’s always a tough call to anticipate the forecast and make these decisions, but I think Tim hit the nail on the head…without freezing temperatures overnight, the slopes don’t set up well. On top of that, the forecast has been especially unreliable lately. For the past three weeks, it has only become even marginally accurate in the 24-48 hour window. We have seen visitation drop off and we wanted to go out strong with one final day Saturday. I know there are some out there who would be happy to ski on mud and mush until June, but we can’t make the Bonus Weekend program work without a certain level of business.

  5. Mac says

    Thanks for a great season. We had planned to come up for the weekend again after we had so much fun last weekend. But $45 for 3 of 5 chairs on closing day and only one day of the weekend? Aint gunna happen.

    • says

      I’m sorry to hear you won’t make it for our last day, Mac. Another way to look at the pricing equation is that we have 89% of our terrain open for 82% of the normal price. It sounds like you were here last weekend, so I’m sure you’re aware that lift lines have not been a problem even with just 3 chairs operating. I can understand that one day makes it a tough decision for those traveling in from out of town, however, with highs expected to reach 54-60 degrees Saturday and lows only hitting 40-41 degrees Saturday night, conditions are very unlikely to be enjoyable on Sunday.

  6. Wayne says

    Love the “mud and slush” comment April, definately applies to me! As much as I hate to see the season end, I also understand the economies of running a business and want to see BMR stay healthy in that respect as well. Appreciate the year that the BMR crew has put together in spite of the tough year, and as always the great attitudes of the lifty crew who always makes us feel like we’re part of a family when we’re there! See you for the pic on Sat… Wouldn’t miss it!

    • says

      Hi Wayne –
      Thanks for taking the time to notice our efforts, both behind the scenes and on the front lines. We really do put a lot of heart muscle into what we do here, and it feels wonderful to have our guests take the time to comment on that. The lift crew has an especially tough job working in the elements and staying positive. We’ll see you tomorrow at 1:00 pm!

  7. Bill says

    As much as the snow and slopes will be missed, April’s writings will be equally missed. Her unique skills add to the pleasures of Brundage. When conditions are poor, it’s like April pulls out a Tarot card and all sounds good again. When conditions are great, she makes them even greater. As always, thanks to April and the entire staff for a great season.

    April, oops, I mean Bill

    • says

      Hi CB –
      I’m afraid not. There are big bare spots on our lower runs right now, so even a little bit of fresh snow won’t make a difference. Have a great summer!

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