Happy Easter!

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April 8, 2012 by

Ever wonder where the term ‘bunny slope’ came from?

If you were anywhere near Easy Street this morning, you’d have a good idea.

Dozens of little Easter Bunnies hopped their way toward a bounty of hidden eggs under the sunshine this morning.

The annual egg hunt is designed so that little skiers can participate, and so kids of all sizes can also take part on foot.

There were more than 800 colorful little treasures planted on and around the runs of Easy Street today.

The event began at 11:00 am sharp as egg hunters fanned out across the slope.

It took less than a half hour for this crew to gather up nearly ALL the hidden treasures.

There were lots of little bunnies here today.

And a not-so-little Bruno Bear.

Some of the bigger kids gathered the largest collections.

It helps when you can spot the ones hidden up high!

For many, it was their first time on an alpine egg hunt.

Granite is just 14-months-old, but he’s picking up these important life skills pretty quickly.

Big sister Iris is nearly a pro by now.

The weather was perfect for loading up on colorful treasures…

Enjoying your very first day on skis…

Sharing your good fortune with those around you…

Or just trying to see things from a different angle.

But mostly, it was a great time to share some smiles with family and friends.

And to enjoy the Easter sunshine!

Happy Easter from Brundage Mountain!

– April