Pond Skim Countdown…Just 2 Days!

The Crazy Daze Pond is taking shape in the base area.

A few finishing touches tomorrow, and it will be ready to fill up just in time for Saturday’s Pond Skimming Extravaganza.

Our marquis Spring event has been gaining more interest each year. Do you have the skill and saavy to skim? Or would your efforts end in a icy swim?

Check out our video from 2010 for a look at the possibilities, and be sure to join us Saturday for a brand new set of chills and thrills.


  1. Adam z says

    Brundage is the best, way to capitalize on end of season fun! Now if only
    Bogus were to take a page from your book! Thanks for a great, however peculiar season!!! Can’t wait for 13′!!!!!! I hope ullr blesses us with earlier snow! Go broncos!

  2. Christian says

    Oh I wouldn’t call it the end of the season yet. With over 6 feet at the base and nearly 10 at the top, there will definitely be bonus weekends!

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