Old Man Winter's Spring Break

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March 28, 2012 by

We always love to have lots of Spring Break visitors here at Brundage Mountain, and today, Old Man Winter made his presence known!

A couple years ago, he showed up for our Crazy Daze celebration as you can see in this photo. But this year, he showed up in the form of FRESH SNOW, and it looks like he’ll be staying for a few days.


We had an inch of snow when we opened the lifts this morning, and by day’s end, we had four inches in the base area and AT LEAST six inches up on the summit.

Old Man Winter was in a bit of a foul mood today – the snow conditions were definitely more pleasing and forgiving than the weather conditions. He did give us one 90-minute window where things mellowed out. But then, he was back at it this afternoon.

Today was not a great day for fair weather skiers, but it was a FANTASTIC day for patient powder hounds. This is the soft, fluffy scene at the top of Northwest Passage this afternoon.

I skied the untouched slope below at 3:00 pm.

And I hit this soft, forgiving line at nearly 4:00 o’clock. And this is no secret stash – it’s less than 20 yards easy-access off the side of one of our main groomed runs.

(I’m not telling where the first one was. A girl has her secrets and I’m planning to go track the rest of that slope first thing tomorrow.)

We’re told Old Man Winter is planning to get a good night’s sleep tonight, then come back tomorrow with another 3″-5″ of fresh snow.  Latest Forecast. So get those layers in order and we’ll see you in the morning!

– April