More than THREE FEET of Snow Falls on Brundage in Three Days

January 19, 2012 by

Brundage Mountain is now measuring the snowfall with a yard stick instead of a ruler, as the 48-hour snow total tops the 40 inch mark.

The McCall, Idaho ski area has had 31 inches of non-stop snowfall since 5 pm Tuesday evening, and the snow shows no signs of letting up.

The very latest snow totals are available at:

As of 2:30 pm Thursday, the snow base measures 52” at the base and 60” on the summit.

Mountain crews have been working around the clock to keep roads cleared and parking lots plowed as a surge of skiers and riders descended on the resort to enjoy the bounty of powder.  See our SnowBlog for more.

The official Winter Storm Warning associated with this storm expires at 5:00 pm tonight, but the National Weather Service is still forecasting a 100% chance of snow overnight, with another 5-9 inches possible.

NWS Forecast:

“Our snow totals have been hitting the high side of the forecasters’ estimates all week long,” said resort spokesperson, April Russell. “Winter is definitely making up for lost time up here at Brundage Mountain and our powder lovers are enjoying every minute of it.”