THREE Feet and Counting…

As snow continues to drop from the sky at a rate of about an inch an hour, it’s all we can do to keep up with the deepening powder.

In the base area, that means endless plowing of parking lots and shoveling of stairs and walkways.

On the slopes, it means endless, bottomless powder turns all over the mountain.

On the steepest slopes, those endless, bottomless turns are also effortless. After months of waiting for the skies to open up and send us some snow…and weeks of skiing groomers (thinking we were getting our legs in shape)….we couldn’t be more excited to see the endless snowfall piling up. Here are a few quick photo highlights to tide you over until we get you some video footage. (Coming soon!)

– April



    • says

      Did you notice how bad we matched today? It’s my fault for getting the same powder skis she had…at least our helmets are different colors!

  1. Jarrod says

    Love seeing the snow pile up after the rough start to winter. Can’t wait to leave Florida to live in the NorthWest again!

  2. Duane says

    I’m soooo jealous!!! We moved from Middleton,Id back to Arkansas and I miss skiing & Brundage so much!! I hope to make a trip next year back to my ski resort & the wonderful folks at Brundage!!! Get some of that powder skiing in for me on Alpine,Engen & Northside!!

  3. Christian says

    I’m from Boise, but I live in Bozeman, MT now,and we’ve got absolute crap for snow:( I don’t think I’ve skied the likes of anything even coming close to 45 inches in 48 hours since…back at Brundage in January of 2008! Super jealous right now.

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