Big Storm Headed Our Way in Time for 50th Birthday Party

The fireworks show is just days away, and it looks like a large snow storm could arrive just in time for our “Light Up the Night Party” on Wednesday.

Forecasters are predicting significant accumulations of snow starting Tuesday Night and continuing through Thursday and beyond.

Check out the pin-point forecast for Brundage Mountain.

This is the best looking forecast we’ve seen all season, and if we get a direct hit, we could be open in a matter of days.

Brundage Mountain’s hard-working mountain crews are extremely experienced and ready to work around the clock to do what it takes to get the resort open as quickly as possible.

The slopes of Brundage Mountain are already partially covered with a base ranging from 12-18 inches, but more snow is needed in order to properly pack and groom the slopes for winter operations. Check out our photo tour from last week.

As always, we’ll be reporting fresh snow totals and giving progress reports on our Snow Report page and on the snow phone: 634-SNOW(7669).

Courtesy: Peter Hitt

No matter the timing of the storms, the “Light Up the Night” event will proceed as planned, with the free slope side fireworks show beginning at 5:30 pm Wednesday. Visitors will also enjoy live music and a celebratory outdoor bonfire. Food and hot and cold drink will be available for purchase. A sit-down dinner will be held on the third floor for those who pre-purchased dinner tickets.

Visitors are encouraged to dress warmly.  Our plans have changed slightly because of the weather situation. Full details on the Light up the Night Party are available here.

There has been only one time in Brundage Mountain’s 50-year history when it did not open in time for the Winter holiday period. Severe drought conditions during the winter of 1976-1977 pushed Brundage Mountain’s opening day to January 8. The second latest opening on record was on December 21, 1989.


  1. Jim Perez says

    Do u know of any inexpensive places to stay for Wednesday night? Sounds like a good time, only $$ is a lit’l tight. Dinner, fireworks, etc. My boy is 17 and never been to Brundage. Sad huh! Any ideas will be welcomed. Thanks. JP

    • says

      Hi Jim –
      Most of our local lodging properties probably have more vacancy than normal for this time of year. If you really want to shop around for the best price, I recommend using the Brundage Mountain Vacation Planners service. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful (and local!) and they would love to help you find just the lodging you need. Just click here to check it out on-line or call 1-800-844-3246 and they’d be happy to help you over the phone. I hope you and your son can join us Wednesday!

  2. Wayne says

    Wow, been watching this forecast… worse than a soap opera at my house right now! It’s bouncing all over the place, the whole family is snow dancing like crazy… what’s your take on it? Do you think the temps will trend back down to something more friendly to us? Just curious what you guys are sensing on the hill… (yes, sensing… I’m becoming terribly superstitious 😉

    • says

      Hi Wayne –
      I wish we had some better insight on the forecast, but we are going through the same thing you are. All I can tell you is that we often don’t hit the high temperatures that are in the forecast, and we are certainly hoping that hold true this week. Although, my left elbow has been pretty sore, which generally means that more moisture is on the way : )

  3. Brian says

    Hey April!!
    Getting a lot of cardio in up here in the Palouse with all of the snow dancing going on..
    Hoping the current conditions prevail and we’ll be seeing you at the top of the mountain, first thing Friday morning :-)

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