Celebrate Family Day

This is no April Fools joke, Moms and kids 17 & under really do get FREE lift tickets today!


  1. says

    I am new to Idaho, and me and my three girls, wanted to know if we have to register or sign up for the April 1st free lift tickets, or how it all works. Could you please send me some information. thank you

    • says

      Hi Christine – Just show up all together at the ticket window and we will print you some lift tickets. You DO need to have a ticket to board the lifts, but they will be no charge on April 1 for Moms and kids!

  2. Conor says

    So do you have to be with your mom to get a lift ticket or could a 17 year old just get a ticket by themself?

    • says

      Hi Conor –
      Do you have a drivers license or ID card showing your age? If so, you can use that to get a ticket even without a parent.

  3. Laura says

    So I can just show my ID to get a ticket for myself, but my younger brothers wanted to ski also. Does my mom have to be present for them?

  4. jan says

    Brundage…it is interesting to me that you offer the specials on Sunday…. the day you know everyone has to leave from Spring Break. And that you offer the season pass special to NEW season ticket holders. It doesn’t want make you want to hang around an spend any extra money.

    • says

      Hi Jan –
      Thanks for taking the time to write in. We offer those specials on Sundays as an incentive for people to stay around an extra day. In recent years, we’ve found it works out great for a lot of people. If you look over our event schedule, you’ll see that we don’t discount on Saturdays and holidays, just like most other ski areas. As for the first timer pass, our goal is to offer a great one-time deal to expose new people to the benefits of being a season pass holder. The more season pass holders we have, the better our ability to keep prices reasonable for everyone. If our season pass holder ranks drop, we would need to raise the price, which would certainly hurt our longtime pass holders. I hope you understand that we are actually trying to help protect our longtime visitors by keeping our business healthy and growing to keep up with the growing expenses that are beyond our control. Fuel and electricity costs are rising, and just like your family, we have to find ways to pay the extra costs. We are always open to suggestions on new ways to do that. Thanks again for taking the time to write in with your questions.

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